Saving money is as easy as 1-2-3

STEP 1: Get $10 free money right now!

Download the Ibotta app to your smartphone.  Use the referral code aaugccx when you sign up at Ibotta and claim your $10 in free money courtesy of The Mighty Coupon!

$10 will instantly be added to your account upon sign up and entering your first receipt.  Each week when you shop, find products you are purchasing, unlock them, and scan your receipt and item information into the app. Earn $0.75 or even $5.00 depending upon what you have purchased. Once you have reached $20 in your account, you can cash out using PayPal.  Alternately, you can continue saving until you reach $25 and cash out in a Target or Walmart gift card, just to name two of the many gift cards available.

Please note: Black out and cover any personal information like your credit card number before submitting receipts.

Want a step by step example of how to submit cash backrebates?  Check out this post: How to save with Ibotta.

Once you have downloaded the Ibotta app to your smartphone and used the referral code aaugccx when you sign up, upload your first purchase receipt, and become $10 richer, you’re ready for step number two!

STEP 2: Print online coupons regularly!

Are you ready to save $6, $12, $20, or even $30 or more with just a simple print of a coupon? Daily online coupons are put out in cyberspace for people to print and use everyday.  You just have to know where to find them, and when and where to use them!  Follow me on Facebook and I’ll show you how to cash in on the savings!

The #1 tool to save money and help stretch the budget.

Multiple prints per coupon are allowed per device.  Typically this is two. However, coupons are posted, taken away, then re-posted rather often. This is called a coupon reset. So check back often and you might just be able to print more than two on one device. If you have more the one device, say a computer and two lap tops, you will be able to print two coupons per device. So in this example, you’d be able to print 6 total coupons. The more devices you can print from, meaning, computer, smartphone, or iPad, the more you’ll save!

Coupon Tip: New coupons are added several times weekly. The best deals are found when a coupon is matched with an in store sale as well as a money back rebate like Ibotta. Often, when a good store sale is happening, the online coupon is no longer available to print. So what I do is browse the online coupons several times weekly and print the ones for the products I already use and know I’ll buy. As I mentioned before, print a $5, $3, or buy 1 get 2 free coupon for a favorite product as soon as you see it, as really great offers don’t last long. Print, print, print now before they are gone!

Online coupons not only work for grocery, toiletries, and pet food there are even clothing discounts too!  These are just a small sample of the coupons you’ll find:

Now remember, print, print, print now before they are gone!

STEP 3: Timing is everything!

Each week stores have different things on sale. The key of it all is to line up an Ibotta cash back offer with an in store sale and an online printable coupon. Remember….1-2-3!